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HDC 2020: Huawei releases EMUI 11 with enhanced multi-device and cross-platform experience

At the Huawei Developer Conference 2020, the Chinese tech giant today revealed the EMUI 10 upgrade, the EMUI 11.
HDC 2020: Huawei releases EMUI 11 with enhanced multi-device and cross-platform experience
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With enhanced multi-device and cross-platform experience

AOD customizations

EMU1 11 is the company's newest Android skin highlighting several improvements in design, functionalities, and features for enhanced multi-device and cross-platform experience.

The update log on our Huawei P40 Pro review unit for EMUI 11 reads that the skin is designed to provide a rich array of possibilities to let users' stay connected in all scenarios. It claims to have a more artistic user interface design with a friendlier interaction and a more innovative and convenient cross-device connection experience.

Here are the EMUI 11 UX changes:

New AOD settings
New AOD settings

For UX, EMUI 11 now comes with an improved Always-on Display (AOD) feature which gives users access to several customization options. There are new themes, customizable animated elements on the AOD, and a way to show images, videos, and GIFs on the AOD.

Huawei also updated its Gallery app with a more magazine-like aesthetic. It now supports pinch gestures to allow users to switch easily between the Month and Day view. Also, on the Albums tab, users can now access new settings to easily sort photos.
Live Icons
Live Icons

EMUI 11 also comes with animated icons dubbed as the "Live Icons."  There is a Synchronised Vibrations where the device vibrates with the audio of the ringtone.
Smart Multi-Window
Smart Multi-Window

The new skin also has the Smart Multi-Window which lets users adjust the size of floating windows and minimize them when they’re not in use. It also allows users to Minimize or Adjusting the Size of Floating Windows.

The description reads that the window can be 
adjusted by dragging either corner at the bottom, press and hold the top bar to move, and minimize the floating window by tapping the minimize button. The Minimized floating windows can be accessed by tapping new floating icon. You can also tap the floating icon to view a list of minimized floating windows.

Multi-screen Collaboration 3.0

3 floating windows
3 floating windows

EMUI 11 now supports multiple windows up to 3 floating windows at once via Huawei Share. It also has the option to easily edit files saved on smartphones through the PC, turn the smartphone into a scanner, and allow calls on other devices.

Huawei also added improvements to MeeTime. Now, you can connect more devices via MeeTime. For example, you can use the Drift Ghost 4K+ as the video input device in MeeTime video calls or KANDAO Meeting 360 degree conferencing camera.

Huawei also improved the Notepad. It now has the Scan To Create function and Capture photos at notes. It can also accept calls on a connected PC.

Privacy and security

EMUI 11 now has an indicator icon at the status bar which alerts users when an app is using the device's camera, mic, or location. This new feature prevents background apps from accessing the camera and mic as well as new permission requests for location, camera, and mic use. 

For the Gallery app, it now has an option to remove EXIF data from images and a hidden album to store sensitive photos.

Huawei also added a new hidden memo feature for the Huawei Notes app and Safety Cast feature to prevent sensitive information from showing up on your TV while on the cast mode.

Huawei has yet to announce the rollout timeline for EMUI 11.

For reviewers, Huawei has started seeding the beta. The update is 5.57GB big and we will be sharing with you guys our thoughts with it after downloading and installing the early EMUI 11 update.

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