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Intel obtains licenses to sell some of its products to Huawei

US chipmaker Intel today has obtained licenses from authorities to continue supplying certain products.  Reuters reported that the news was confirmed by an Intel spokesman on Tuesday.
Intel obtains licenses to sell some of its products to Huawei
File photo: Huawei MateBook 13 2020 powered by Intel

Intel chips for Huawei despite the US ban?

Intel hasn't detailed the exact type of products it can sell to Huawei, but it is believed to be chipsets that the Chinese tech giant can use on its Windows-powered PCs.

Apart from Intel, rival AMD received a should-be-similar license to sell some of its products to Huawei.

Last week, China's Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) also applied permissions to continue servicing Huawei. South Korea's SK Hynix and Taiwan's MediaTek also applied for licenses.

To recall, after the expiration of Huawei's temporary general license, US sanctions have prevented US companies from supplying products with hardware or software with American origins to the Chinese tech giant.

The US placed Huawei on its Entity List" citing "national security concerns" with no hard proof yet.  Huawei believed that the ban is unconstitutional and won't make the US more secure.

Source: Reuters
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