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Kustoms by Overture upgraded my IEM cable for WFH!

After going through 2 generic, crappy sounding multimedia earphones for my working-from-home requirements, I had an a-ha! moment: recable and add an in-line microphone to my 3-year old (and now sadly discontinued) Trinity Audio Phantom Master 4 IEM, and have this done by Kustoms by Overture!
Kustoms by Overture upgraded my IEM cable for WFH!
Overture custom cable

Overture recable experience

The PM 4 is a hybrid—two 7mm dynamic drivers operating in a push-pull array, plus 2 Balanced Armature drivers.  When I got the IEM, I immediately replaced the stock cable with an 8-core OFC braided cable with a balanced plug. Paired with my Onkyo DPX-1, and an Ibasso PB3 Mockingbird balanced head amp, it was perfect as a daily driver.  I simply loved how it sounds: immediate, dynamic yet with enough details, separation, and clarity.  

Having reviewed Overture's Harmonyk and Oktave earphones right here on GIZGUIDE last year, I kept in touch with the brand by occasionally checking on their FB page.  So, I knew that the boys ventured into custom cables, and recabling via a sub-brand they named "Kustoms by Overture".

As I mentioned in my review of their earphones, Overture impressed me with the quality of their products, and by the attitude they bring to their business.

I reached out via FB messenger, and I told Overture's Aiden my requirements: a sensitive in-line microphone with no multimedia controls, and a lightweight yet sturdy cable - because I like my gear field-spec.
Sturdy, lightweight
Sturdy, lightweight

Meaning, these should be sturdy, lightweight, reliable, and should not get in my way as I accomplish my tasks.

I initially wanted a purple and black color combination but decided on a white/silver cable for the reason that there is a white Samsung Note 20 Ultra in my near futureyes, I know I will need a USB-C to an earphone socket converter.

Three days after I sent my payment [they accept PayPal], I received a 6-core, silver-plated copper [SPC], PVC-coated cable with an in-line microphone, a silver Y-splitter, and silver 2-pin connectors & plug.
Gold plated plug
Gold plated plug

It may not be obvious to the casual reader but the choice of materials Kustoms chose for my requirements was spot-on righteous! First, PVC-coated cables are flexible, tough, lightweight, and resistant to abrasion, impact, and chemical rotting.

Second, the decision to use SPC cables fit my intended voice-centric application.  From my experience, SPC cables enhance clarity, airiness, and sound definition. According to the people I've been talking with, my incoming audio from the in-line microphone was clear, well-defined, and free from any sibilance.

Of course, this is partly attributed to the stability and low latency of my internet connection.  My point is, the cable looks great and performs as I intended.  This is what custom builds are all about—your own specs and your own standards of performance.

Quick thoughts

If you're looking to revitalize or repurpose an old pair of headphones or earphones, I strongly recommend that you get in touch with Kustoms by Overture.  They can also build you interconnects, cables with adapters, and cables with in-line Type-C DACs.  The boys will work with you based on your requirements, style preferences, and budget.

Connect with them via FB at https://www.facebook.com/KustomsByOverture.
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