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OPPO celebrates its 16th anniversary and milestones in technology

Tech giant OPPO has been offering innovative mobile phones and accessories for 16 years.
OPPO celebrates its 16th anniversary and milestones in technology
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Years of progress in 5G, AI, Flash Charging, and many more!

Over the past few years, OPPO has grown from a manufacturer of phones to an innovator of smart devices. Its founder and CEO, Tony Chen, expressed gratitude to the company's partners, employees, and customers.  OPPO Philippines Marketing Director Raymond Xia even added,

We're happy that OPPO Philippines has become an integral part of the brand’s 16th anniversary milestone. This is just one of the many milestones we’ll celebrate and we can’t wait to continue growing with Filipinos.

This year, OPPO experienced a series of breakthroughs across frontier technologies of 5G, AI, imaging, and VOOC Flash Charging. Just this last August, the brand launch a new hybrid zoom technology that is said to improve image quality. 

Aside from that, it also introduced the 125W flash charge that allegedly made OPPO the number one in this kind fast charge technology. It also achieved success in deploying the first 5G Standalone networks in the U.K. while releasing the first 5G SA network slicing services in Europe.

As of now, OPPO has partnered with more than 50 operators worldwide to speed up large-scale commercialization of 5G. Moreover, it was able to bag two First-Place Awards in the AI category at CVPR 2020. Also, it built the Department of Intelligent Perception and Interaction with an aim to explore cutting-edge AI technologies.

To meet the various needs of the consumers, OPPO has continued to evolve. First, it established the Intelligent Mobile Devices Business Unit to come up with IoT products. It is also pushing to make a new intelligent ecosystem.

As for software development, the latest version of ColorOS has support for users with visual, hearing, and physical disabilities such as TalkBack, flash on-call, and Accessibility Menu. This OS has monthly active users of more than 370M.

In the coming years, OPPO Founder and CEO Tony Chen said it will continue to bring a better technological experience to consumers around the world, eventually creating an open and intelligent ecosystem.

Congratulations and happy anniversary OPPO!
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