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OPPO launches ColorOS 11, reveals update rollout

On schedule, OPPO earlier revealed the upgrade of ColorOS 7, the ColorOS 11—the company's newest skin based on the freshly launched Android 11 OS. The company said that its rapid launch is the result of its close collaboration with Google.
OPPO launches ColorOS 11, reveals update rollout
ColorOS 11 beta is now available for Find X2 Pro users

ColorOS 11 highlights and key features

OPPO claimed that the ColorOS 11 maintained stock Android features while also providing rich UI customizations loved by its users. 

It comes with a new level of UI customization like creating their own Always On Display, theme, wallpaper, fonts, icons, and ringtones. The update also enhanced Android's Dark Mode with three color schemes and levels of contrasts. The update also included the OPPO Relax 2.0 which lets users create their own white noise mix while offering an extensive and immersive collection of sounds from cities around the world.

Aside from the UI and customization changes, OPPO also ensures that the new ColorOS 11 is equipped with robust features designed to improve work and life efficiency. IT now has a Three-Finger Translate powered by Google Lens that captures and translates text through a simple screenshot taken with a three-finger gesture. It also has Flexdrop for multitasking where users can watch videos and text at the same time. This is said to be useful for gamers and video-lowers. Users can also switch between and control different smart home devices using the new Device Control menu even without downloading new apps.

OPPO also added the new Super Power-saving Mode to let users select 6 apps to run in low-battery situations and Battery Guard to prevent damage from prolonged charging and unstable power voltages by learning user's habits. OPPO noted that it intelligently pauses charging once it reaches 80 percent at night before resuming to achieve a full charge by the time the user wakes up.

OPPO also ensured that it has a lag-reducing engine with Quantum Animation designed for high frame rate screens. OPPO said that it boosts RAM utilization by 45 percent making the response rate 32 percent and frame rate 17 percent better.

It also has AI App Preloading which learns user behavior to preload the most-used apps reducing loading time. The company also added SuperTouch to intelligently identifies user scenarios and optimize touch response to improve system fluency.

Update schedule

The ColorOS 11 will be released batch-by-batch starting with the Find X2 Series and Reno3 Series. The complete rollout will cover 28+ smartphones including the Find, Reno, F, K, and even the budget A series.
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