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How to make the most of your Globe At Home WiFi?

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How to make the most of your Globe At Home WiFi?
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We've all been there: trying to send an important email but the internet’s gone; watching a basketball game but the video buffers; joining a Zoom call but you can’t enter. Internet connection issues will always exist especially if you’re sharing a broadband plan in a home of 5 people. The challenge is getting a stable connection for everyone and possibly in every nook and cranny. How? Read on.

Tips to free your home of internet dead zones

While WiFi makes it possible to enjoy the internet without cables, it is not an all-powerful technology that can transcend time and space. Wireless signals can still be hindered by walls and distances. If your house is divided into rooms and are at different levels, you can’t expect a single modem to be able to supply flawless internet across the space.

However, there are countless ways to improve internet connection for everyone in the household. Let us walk you through them.

1. Pick a good spot for your modem - The best spot should be spacious, free of walls and other tall installations. The living room, perhaps. It would be also ideal to place the router far from metal objects and appliances that emit electromagnetic waves so nothing can dampen the signal.

2. Turn off devices that connect to Bluetooth or emit signals such as baby monitors and two-way radios - These devices can interfere with WiFi signals and disconnect you to the internet.

3. Change your WiFi password from time to time - Doing so will not only remove Wi-Fi leeches but also keeps important data from getting stolen.

4. Be aware of bandwidth-consuming apps - There are apps that demand more bandwidth than others such as video streaming apps. When someone is running this, you can expect the internet connection to slow down. If you can, download shows or movies you want to watch in advance from legitimate sources or the app itself.

5. Have you tried turning it off and on again? - When the connection slows down, reboot. Turn off your router, unplug, wait for a few seconds and turn it back on. Rebooting once a month is recommended to ensure good connectivity. If this doesn’t work, try rebooting your mobile device.

6. Ever heard of mesh devices? - Get in touch with your internet service provider and ask to install these devices in your home. A Wi-Fi mesh intelligently boosts your internet signal, manages traffic seamlessly, and virtually gets rid of internet dead zones.

Unlike WiFi extenders that repeat the signal, a mesh is like an individual router for the spaces you put it in. Users can expect minimal to no speed drops even when everyone is simultaneously running bandwidth consuming apps. 

If you're a Globe At Home subscriber, the TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh Devices will be your best bet.

For a limited time period, new and existing customers who subscribe or upgrade to Globe At Home Plan 2499 or up can get the TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh system with two units for FREE. Each unit comes with anti-virus software, easy to manage, and comes with parental controls. 

This promo is available until October 31, 2020 only. If you have multiple floors, additional mesh devices can also be purchased for a monthly fee of PHP 150 per unit for 24 months.

To avail of Globe At Home TP-Link Deco M5 WiFi Mesh and other Globe At Home postpaid plans, visit https://shop.globe.com.ph/tplink.

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