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Google Sound Notifications can alert you of crucial noises nearby

Google Sound Notifications is a new accessibility feature for Android that is designed to listen for important noises near you.
Google Sound Notifications can alert you of crucial noises nearby
Google Sound Notifications alerts you of noises around you

What is Google Sound Notifications?

Sound Notifications is a feature designed primarily to help Android users who are hard of hearing get alerted of crucial sounds around them like smoke/fire alarms, the phone ringing, doorbell ringing, and more.
It works on both WearOS and Android
It works on both WearOS and Android

It uses machine learning to detect sounds using your device's microphone and it works completely offline. As of now, here is the complete list of 10 sounds it can recognize:
  • Smoke and fire alarms
  • Siren
  • Shouting
  • Baby sounds
  • Doorbell ringing
  • Knocking
  • Dog barking
  • Appliance beeping
  • Water running
  • Landline phone ringing

WearOS and Android phones will receive text notifications with vibrations. This is a very important feature to have for the deaf and hearing-impaired community since they will be notified via vibration even when they are asleep. A timeline will also be created to show you the sounds detected for the last few hours.

The first iteration of this feature is Live Transcribe that can show over 30 sound events with real-time captions. Attention Alerts is also added to the Pixel Buds which temporarily lowers the volume whenever an important sound is heard.

You can access this setting via Settings> Accessibility. You can also download Live Transcribe from the Google Play Store then turn on Sound Notifications if you don't have the feature yet.

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