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Messenger for iOS and Android gets revamped, default Blue theme no longer available!


More than a week after we got a cool Instagram app update, the Messenger gets a revamp, too!

Messenger for iOS and Android gets revamped, default Blue theme no longer available!
New Messenger app icon

Customizable emoji reactions!

Aside from getting a purple color from the default blue app icon, Messenger users can also customize or add to the reactions to messages! By default, we have the heart, haha, wow, sad, angry, and thumbs up emoji reactions on messages. 
How to customize chat reactions on new Messenger
How to customize chat reactions on new Messenger

Now, with the revamped Messenger app, we can customize or add our preferred emoji reactions with the following easy steps:

  1. Go to any of your Messenger chats
  2. Pick a message you'd like to react with, hold until the reactions pop-up
  3. Click the "+" sign next to the thumbs up emoji
  4. Click the "customize"
  5. Start customizing the six default emoji reactions
  6. Or, select any emoji you prefer without customizing the default ones
For the themes, Messenger added four new themes on top of the color and gradients we're used to customizing our chats with. You can pick from any of the four: Halloween, Love, Tie-Dye, or Pride. However, if your current chat has the Default Blue theme, please note that you cannot revert back to it once you've picked from any of these new themes (bye, Default Blue theme, you'll be missed). 

The GIZGUIDE Editorial Team group chat uses the Candy Theme and as per Messenger, if we change our group chat's theme, we can also no longer use that theme again since it's no longer available. 
New Messenger themes!
New Messenger themes!

There is no certain list given with regards to the obsolete Messenger themes, though. The good thing is, Messenger pops a warning if the current theme you're using is no longer available once you try changing it.

If you don't have these new features yet, simply update your Messenger app on your Apple App Store or Google Play Store and you'll be able to see these new features.

Other features are expected to arrive "soon" thereafter, including selfie stickers, which let users to decorate their own photo to use a sticker, and a vanish mode to make chats disappear. 

What do you think about this, guys? Tell us in the comments!

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