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Ohmyhome arrives in the Philippines, streamlines real estate and property transactions for Filipinos

Ohmyhome, Singapore's leading property tech startup has arrived in the Philippines to help Filipinos do real estate and property transactions easier, faster, and safer.
Ohmyhome arrives in the Philippines, streamlines real estate and property transactions for Filipinos
Ohmyhome Philippines

Ohmyhome: Simpler real estate transactions for Filipinos

The Philippine government is pushing for different industries and businesses to be restarted after the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes the real estate and property industry which Ohmyhome will streamline for Filipinos.

Ohmyhome is designed to serve customers in the entire buying and selling process with its hybrid model consisting of a DIY platform along with full-fledged agency services that help ease pain points for buying, selling, and renting. The company is using both technology and team dedication to provide quality service to customers.

Just like in Malaysia and Singapore, Ohmyhome will enable Filipinos to buy, sell, and rent properties with simple, fast, and efficient tools and services. Ohmyhome provided around 2,000 housing per month in Singapore and Malaysia alone.

Ohmyhome will allow users to buy, sell, or rent without an agent and post and search for resale listings on its DIY app for FREE.

Ohmyhome also states that its service does not focus on advertising but on helping customers in different transactions. The company takes care of the transaction from searching, ironing out the deals, up to legalities, and mortgage advisory.

The service aims to help property buyers can avoid stress, unnecessary delays, and botched deals.

Why the Philippine market?

Rhonda and Race Wong, co-founders of Ohmyhome
Rhonda and Race Wong, co-founders of Ohmyhome

For Rhonda Wong, the expansion is a timely move for both Ohmyhome and the Philippine real estate industry.  

The Philippines is a growing market, she explains. In the last three years, Manila has seen an increase in condominium property prices of 11.9 percent each year on average. The number of transactions has also been steadily growing—reaching a record high of 54,000 condominium units sold in Metro Manila in 2018, surpassing 2017's 53,000 units. 

Chief Executive Officer Rhonda Wong, who co-founded Ohmyhome with sister and Chief Product Officer Race Wong, shares their vision for Ohmyhome:

Moving forward, we will continue our journey towards making Ohmyhome a global player in taking care of everyone’s housing journey starting with the buy, sell, and rent of homes to every step after including the renovation and maintenance of their homes. Today, Ohmyhome is an agent of change and innovation, but our methods and speed of transacting will be the norm in the future and we are excited for Filipinos to experience the difference in what Ohmyhome provides

Those are interested to try Ohmyhome may visit their website here or download the app via Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
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