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PLDT's home broadband service now covers 46% of the Philippines!

PLDT's broadband service now covers over 46 percent of the total cities and municipalities in the Philippines as of end-September.
PLDT's home broadband service now covers 46% of the Philippines!
More homes reached by PLDT?

PLDT expands broadband service to more homes

This as the company continued to deploy more fiber ports across the country, ending the first nine months with 3.81 million.

Before the year ends, PLDT expects to increase the number of ports by 336,000 more or 4.15 million.

We believe that in about a year or two, the ability to deliver fixed wireless services to the homes will increase significantly. PLDT is focusing on fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) which is considered future proof. We think FTTH will still remain the best platform to deliver services like entertainment, video, sports, and the like, PLDT Chairman, President and CEO Manuel V Pangilinan said. 

PLDT Chief Revenue Officer and Smart President Alfredo S. Panlilio also said the group is continuing its fiber upgrade program. 

In September, PLDT said the modernization program for copper-based ADSL users will be completed in the next 18 months. 

PLDT is ramping up its capabilities to be able to serve more Filipinos nationwide by rolling out more fiber and more ports in different parts of the Philippines than it has ever done before because we want to connect as many Filipino families as we possibly can to our fiber network which is the most extensive fiber infrastructure in the country, Panlilio said.

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