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Get a smart appliance for as low as PHP 3,150 in Shopee's Weekly Tech Top 10!

In case you've been wanting to get that home smart appliance, now could be the best time to check that out! 
Get a smart appliance for as low as PHP 3,150 in Shopee's Weekly Tech Top 10!
What would you get for this week's sale?

Score smart appliances for up to 50 percent off!

Shopee is currently having an appliance sale running from October 19 until October 26, 2020. The smart home and kitchen appliances can be bought at a much lower price. Of course, Shopee made sure that the consumers will only be getting authentic products.

Shopee's Weekly Tech Top 10:

1. Tefal Home Chef Smart Pro MulticookerIt has seven multi-cook functions and seven pressure cook functions. From PHP 17,895, consumers can get this for only PHP 16,105 right now!

2. A&S by Neatsvor X500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner It has a double effect cleaning function that takes care of floating dust and large particles. Get this now for only PHP 9,799 from its original price of PHP 22,499.
Would you be getting one from these 4 appliances?
Would you be getting one from these 4 appliances?

3. Whirlpool Air Purifier - It has an odor and dust sensor and a filter cleaning indicator to ensure it’s clean and maintained. Save up to PHP 1,600 when you get this now for only PHP 14,398.

4. Midea SmartShell Robot Vacuum Cleaner - It can clean hard floors and thin carpets and has a cleaning speed of 30cm/second. Get this for only PHP 8,246. 

5. Breville Smart Oven - It has ten pre-set cooking functions and a convection setting, reducing cooking time by 30 percent. Score up to PHP 2,200 savings when you get this on Shopee today for only PHP 19,799.

6. Electrolux Air Purifier - It's equipped with laser particle sensors to evaluate and automatically adjust the fan’s speed as conditions change. Get this for only PHP 9,000.
How about an sterilizing dish dryer?
How about an sterilizing dish dryer?

7. Electrolux Garment Steamer It has a high wattage for quick and easy use, plus an automatic power-off function to save electricity. Another PHP 9,000 smart home appliance. 

8. American Heritage 40L Multifunctional Sterilizing Dish DryerIt has a UV light and hot air drying function for quicker drying time. Buy this for PHP 7,995.
Turbo cookers
Turbo cookers

9. Imarflex Turbo Cooker 6LIt offers a three-dimensional cooking experience and is a multi-functional cooking product for meal varieties. This is the most affordable appliance on the list! Get this for only PHP 3,150.

10. Imarflex Digital Turbo BroilerIt has a convection function and a 12L capacity perfect for making dinner for guests. Another PHP 3,150 appliance! 

For more information about other deals and discounts on smart appliances, visit https://shopee.ph/m/weekly-tech-top10.

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