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Smart accelerates base station deployment nationwide

Smart Communications boosted the number of its LTE base stations to deliver better connectivity across the country.
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Smart ramps up base station rollout

As of August, LTE base stations were at 28,000 or 15 percent higher than 2019, which are being supported by its parent company PLDT's extensive fiber infrastructure. 

The wireless unit explained that base stations are "electronic equipment installed on cell sites that transmit and receive radio frequencies."

They are responsible to connect subscribers' devices, including mobile phones and wifi routers, to the network. 

Mario G. Tamayo, PLDT-Smart Senior Vice President for Network Planning and Engineering, said base stations and phones are "constantly 'talking'" because they share common frequencies. 

When you turn on your phone, the first thing it does is look for a signal. It connects to a base station, which then connects to the core, to verify information about you, the subscriber. The core is the heart and the brain of the network, and it contains all the information about a subscriber—whether they are a prepaid or postpaid subscriber, or their active data subscriptions, for example, Tamayo added. 

PLDT has been heavily investing in its network buildup. From 2015 to 2019, it spent a whopping PHP 260 billion. 

For this year, PHP 70 billion has been earmarked to bolster its infrastructure nationwide.

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