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Xiaomi Dabai Voice-activated Smart Toilet launched under crowdfunding!

In China, Xiaomi has launched the new Dabai Voice-activated Smart Toilet with AI voice chip under crowdfunding.
Xiaomi Dabai Voice-activated Smart Toilet launched under crowdfunding!
Dabai voice-activated smart toilet

Voice-activated smart toilet from Xiaomi?

Open the seat cover with your voice?
Open the seat cover with your voice?

Thru its YouPin platform, Xiaomi launched the new Dabai voice-activated Smart Toilet through crowdfunding. 

This smart toilet is equipped with Dabai's first intelligent AI voice chip which Xiaomi claims is able to respond efficiently. For example, when the user says 'open the lid', the toilet's lid will automatically open.

The smart toilet features a high-transmittance glass panel with an integrated LED digital display interface and with brightly lit icons. 

It incorporates advanced plasma sterilization technology used in the medical industry. When the toilet is turned on, the sterilization ions are released continuously within two hours where it targets the inside the toilet to penetrate the inner core of the bacteria in all directions which destroys bacterial DNA and RNA. This results in full sterilization of the bowl.

Other features include constant temperature washing, buttocks washing, Bide/washing, 6-speed warm air drying and ECO constant temperature seat.

China price with direct PHP conversion (No Taxes and Duties yet!)

The Dabai voice-activated smart toilet is priced at CNY 3599 (or around PHP 26K) but will be down to CNY 2,288 (or around PHP 16.5K) during the crowdfunding period.

It is now available for purchase at YouPin and will start shipping this November 10.

What do you guys think?

Source: GizmoChina via Youpin
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