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You can now choose Batman or Riddler guide you on your next Waze trip

Good news to all fans of Batman series! Waze is now allowing drivers to choose Batman or the Riddler as their guidance voice!
You can now choose Batman or Riddler guide you on your next Waze trip
Waze users can now select the navigation voice either as Batman or The Riddler (Photo from CNet)

Customized voice navigation, mood playlists, and car icons

The company and Warner Bros. have teamed up to let users have a more enjoyable car trip. Until October 31, 2020, Waze users will be able to activate either Batman's or The Riddler's voices while they're driving. Waze's Head of Brand Programs, Erin Bellsey, shared:

We are so excited to be partnering with WBCP and DC to bring this experience to our users. Given the year we’ve had, I think we all need some superhero support to guide our way, and we can’t think of a better way to do it than with the first ever Waze program that features two iconic characters’ Voice navigation, Moods, and Cars. We’re also thrilled to be working with our Audio Player partner, Spotify, to bring the experience to life with fun music for drivers around the world.

Batman is voiced by Kevin Conroy and as for The Riddler, the voice of Wally Wingert will guide the users. The new features are available worldwide in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

But there's more to that partnership. Waze users can also select their icon to appear on the app either as a Batmobile or a custom Riddler vehicle icon. And as Waze has integration with Spotify so drivers can listen to the curated Batman or Riddler playlist. 

To drive with Batman and The Riddler while listening to their character-inspired tunes, the user will have to search Spotify for two specific playlists: Drive with Batman and Drive with The Riddler. Their voices can be enabled directly from within the Waze app.

Note that the features mentioned above are only temporary and will be gone on October 31, 2020.

Before that, you guys perhaps want to try it for your next road trip. To access the Batman and Riddler features, click here

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