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Why should you choose from XTREME S Series for your next Smart TV?

More Filipino consumers prefer their appliance or device to have multiple uses. That's why smart televisions became an instant hit.
Why should you choose from XTREME S Series for your next Smart TV?
XTREME S Series highlights

Reasons why choose the XTREME S Series

A smart TV can be a source of relevant news and worthwhile entertainment that audiences usually want. To address the growing demand, XTREME Appliances is highlighting the features of the XTREME S SERIES SMART TV.

Below are the reasons why this series is a great option:

1. AccessibilityXTREME equipped an operating system based on Linux in this S Series. With this, users can conveniently connect to the Internet to download applications. Aside from that, it comes with pre-installed streaming platforms like YouTube and Netflix.

2. Interactive FeaturesWith a fast cast mode, the smart TV from this series can quickly mirror games and applications from smartphones, laptops, and almost any devices. Users can also transfer and store up to 4GB of media files like music, photos, files, and videos.

4K IPS panel
4K IPS panel

3. Cinematic Experience
Compared to a typical LED TV, XTREME claims that the S Series televisions can offer ultra-high definition picture quality with different settings. The 4K IPS panel allegedly produce immersive visuals and consistent picture colors from multiple angles.
Front-firing speakers
Front-firing speakers

4. Modern Sound TechnologyThose who enjoy a great audio experience will be pleased with the two 12-watt front-firing speakers by Pure Sound on the XTREME S Series Smart TV. Apart from the high-quality acoustics, it has features like audio delay, automatic audio level and a variety of sound presets.

5. Sleek DesignMany young professionals and families like a cozy and nice home and it's a good thing that the XTREME S Series Smart TV easily fits any living room design. It has a slim build that's complemented with thin bezels and an adjustable backlight.

XTREME S Series Specs

Display: UHD IPS LED Display, 3840 x 2160 resolution
CPU: 1.0GHz CA9 processor
GPU: Mali-400
Speakers: 12W+12W down-firing speakers with Dolby MS12
Broadcast System: NTSC, PAL
OS: Linux
Connectivity: WiFi, USB 2.0, LAN, optical cable, 3x HDMI ports, AV-IN, Antenna, Line Out
Others: Netflix, YouTube, Foxxum (App Store)
Working Voltage: 100-240V/50-60Hz
Warranty: 2 Years Panel, Parts, and Service

Price and availability

The pricing of the S Series Smart TV varies according to its size:

65" XTREME S Series Smart TV - PHP 39,995
55" XTREME S Series Smart TV - PHP 26,995
49" XTREME S Series Smart TV -  PHP 22,995
43" XTREME S Series Smart TV - PHP 15,995
32" XTREME S Series Smart TV - PHP 9,995

All of the products mentioned above are available online through the XTREME Appliances page on Shopee and Lazada.

To know more details about the products, you can visit its official website.
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