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Angkas returns with new safety guidelines!

Ride-hailing company Angkas finally announced that it's bringing back passenger transport.
Angkas returns with new safety guidelines!
Angkas is now allowing passenger transport again

New rules for the new normal in the transport system

More people are now in need of safe and practical means of transportation now that the government is gradually re-opening establishments and businesses. The good news is, Angkas is now offering again passenger transport service.

However, they noted that they are implementing new rules to ensure the safety of the riders and passengers. Aside from the usual face mask and sanitation, these are what you can expect on your Angkas ride.

For starters, the passenger must his/her own motorcycle helmet. The driver is no longer allowed to lend a helmet during the ride. 

Note that the helmet that would be worn during the ride should equip a full visor and a lock. Angkas added that passengers can avail their own helmets at Lazada from October 27 until November 30. In doing so, they will be entitled to promo codes that they can use in booking their rides. These promo codes are valid until Dec. 31, 2020.

To minimize COVID-19 transmission, Angkas will only permit payments through cashless transactions (credit/debit card). 

For the Angkas drivers, they should always use passenger shields during operation. These shields are designed to prevent viral transmission even on a motorcycle, where 1m physical distancing is not possible. 

Passengers should hold onto the barrier straps instead of the biker’s waist, and sit closely. To communicate with the biker, simply knock or tap on the barrier.

In partnership with the IATF, Angkas bikers are tested before they’re allowed to ferry passengers again. The app also requires them to submit daily temperature and sanitation checks before the start of the workday.

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Source: Angkas
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