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DxOMark: Apple iPhone 12's camera is pro-level in terms of video

Just a few weeks after DxOMark released the score for the more premium Apple iPhone 12 Pro, the new Apple iPhone 12's camera scores are now out!
DxOMark: Apple iPhone 12's camera is pro-level in terms of video
Apple iPhone 12 cameras in Blue colorway

"Pro-level video, amateur zoom"

Apple iPhone 12's cameras DxOMark average score
Apple iPhone 12's cameras DxOMark average score

A quick look on DxOMark's rankings will show you that Apple iPhone 12 hit the 11th spot, that's two spots below the American smartphone company's flagship smartphone's score, Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple iPhone 12 got an average score of 122 points. For photos, it got a total of 132 points, 41 points for zoom, and 112 points for video. Check out the more detailed scoring chart below:
Impressive scores
Impressive scores

The iPhone 12 earned a DXOMARK Camera score of 122, landing just outside the top ten in our database. It’s a respectable performance but behind flagships from Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, and Oppo. It’s also behind Apple’s latest Pro devices, and it trails last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max by two points.

According to DxOMark, autofocus is the strength of Apple iPhone 12, even across its family line. The focus locking quickly and accurately in any lighting condition. 

On the downside, noise is more present than we like to see, the simulated bokeh portrait mode is disappointing, and the lack of a dedicated tele-module really hampers zoom performance on the long end.

For videos, Apple iPhone 12 ties with the Apple iPhone 12 Pro in DxOMark's database. According to their detailed review, it is 'unsurprising' since the main camera hardware appears to be the same.

The iPhone 12 delivers solid photo performance and impressive video capabilities, especially for those who can take full advantage of the phone’s Dolby Vision HDR processing.

In terms of pure imaging performance, there are a few competitors that offer similar or better output quality, sometimes at lower prices. However, users drawn to other parts of Apple’s value proposition or who are committed to iOS could find the iPhone 12 interesting. If zoom and portrait mode performance aren’t priorities for you, the iPhone 12 gives essentially all the bang of the iPhone 12 Pro for fewer bucks.

To read DxOMark's full review of the Apple iPhone 12 cameras, please visit this link.
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