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iPhones worth a total of EUR 500,000 were allegedly stolen by Amazon employees!

Police have arrested five Amazon employees from one of the company's logistics centers in Madrid, Spain. This is because they were accused of stealing 500,000 euros (more or less USD 592,000) worth of iPhones.
iPhones worth a total of EUR 500,000 were allegedly stolen by Amazon employees!
iPhones premium quality and branding makes it a target for thieves

Amazon investigated the iPhone thieves by hidden cameras

After Amazon conducted an internal investigation, they learned that there were anomalies with some parcels sent to the customers. Reportedly, some are weighing different from the expected weight of the actual orders. These variations pushed the company to use hidden cameras to investigate what was happening about it.

Because of that, they discovered that five employees were slipping new iPhone devices like iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro into orders secretly. They replaced the contents of a package. There were reports that it is assumed that an accomplice of this group placed those orders.

Three of them who got involved in this crime were already arrested as they were leaving work. The police picked up the fourth member while he/she was working. The last one turned himself to authorities. Obviously, all of them got fired from their job and now awaiting trial.

Police found ten iPhones in their possession before they intend to dispose of them the same way. The phones included a large number of stickers IMEI numbers, already torn from boxes. They are still investigating where the devices ended up. 

Last year another group of Amazon employees was arrested after being accused of stealing over USD 100,000 worth of Apple Watches from the company's Fulfillment Center in Delaware.

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