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DITO clarifies no release of broadband plans yet

Third player DITO Telecommunity debunked a social media post anew about its alleged "Fibr Plans".
File photo: DITO

DITO debunks fake social media post

Posts about its broadband offerings have been circulating online even before DITO's targeted commercial launch in the first quarter of 2021. 

A representative from DITO's communication team said the Facebook post of "Mislatel Telecom" about DITO Fibr Plans was fake news.
There is no such thing as 30 Mbps for PHP 799 yet
There is no such thing as 30 Mbps for PHP 799 yet

The post stated that DITO would offer 30 megabits per second (Mbps) for PHP 799; PHP 999 for 50 Mbps; and PHP 1,299 for 200 Mbps. It also claimed that each plan would include a FREE landline. 

The statement, posted last November 6, has already garnered over 500 reactions and was shared by almost 700 times. 

DITO's representative said spectators can monitor the group's network development on its https://www.facebook.com/dito.ph/

Within the first quarter of next year, DITO is expected to challenge the duopoly of Globe Telecom and PLDT. It is backed by China Telecommunications, Udenna Corp., and Chelsea Logistics Corp.

Let's all prevent the spread of misinformation and don't be fooled, guys!
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