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WILD: Huawei reportedly sold 100 million worth Mate 40 Series phones in 8 seconds!

According to a report by MyDrivers, JD.com sold CNY 100 million worth of Mate 40 Series smartphones in just 8 seconds. Also, in just 11 seconds, all devices got sold out at the said platform.
WILD: Huawei reportedly sold 100 million Mate 40 Series phones in 8 seconds!
100 million Mate 40 Series phones in 8 seconds

100 million worth of phones in seconds!

To recall, JD.com is the biggest online retailer in China. Apart from JD.com, Tmall sales clocked a record of 20 seconds.

To celebrate the early success, JD.com flew hundreds of drones over its HQ a few days ago with "JDxHUawei" and "Kirin 9000" texts.

There's also a 600 percent increase for those opting for the Huawei one-hour quick service while buying the devices. JD.com also highlighted a 30-day return policy, one-year battery replacement, and trade-in options.

Those who purchased the Porsche Design Huawei Mate 40 RS will get JZD customized services as well as special vehicles with prioritized in-line delivery.

Apart from online stores, another report said that many models of the Mate 40 series are already out of stock. The China Security news reveals pre-orders of the Shanghai Official Huawei store are open only for White and Black versions of the Mate 40 Pro. Mate 40 Pro+ and RS Porsche Design are already out of stock.

As a quick recap, the new Mate 40 phones are the first devices in the world powered by a 5nm SoC with built-in 5G connectivity called the Kirin 9000. These devices are also equipped with bleeding-edge overall specs as well as powerful Leica-branded cameras.

To know more about the Mate 40 Series, read here.

Source: Mydrivers, Via: Huawei
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