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OnePlus Nord N100 confirmed to have 90Hz screen!

OnePlus confirmed that the Nord N100 uses a 90Hzscreen. This is in line with the brand's move to have high refresh rate screens on its phones.
OnePlus Nord N100 confirmed to have 90Hz screen!
OnePlus Nord N100 also has a 90Hz panel

OnePlus Nord N100 defaults to 60Hz but can go 90Hz

You can find it in the Settings>Refresh Rate

People were surprised when OnePlus Nord N100 was announced with a 60Hz panel. This is because the Nord N100 is similar to the OPPO A53 and A53s that had a 90Hz panel. In addition, OnePlus has been in the frontline of providing screens with 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates.

To clear up any confusion, OnePlus revealed that the Nord N100 does have a 90Hz panel. However, out of the box, it defaults to 60Hz. You can change it through the Refresh Rate selector in the Settings app.

OnePlus further clears things up by changing its previous statement of the phone shipping with a 60Hz panel to shipping with a 90Hz panel. It did include disclaimers saying that this depends on the settings, applications used, and processing limitations.

The processing limitations may be the main reason why the OnePlus Nord N100 defaults to 60Hz. The Snapdragon 460 chipset may not have enough processing power to drive the 90Hz panel smoothly.

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