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Spigen now has a case for your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 in the Philippines, priced at PHP 2,700

No question, Samsung's new Galaxy Z Fold2 is a modern technological wonder—thanks to its foldable inner display, hinge design, and outer screen.
A solid case for Galaxy Z Fold2
A solid case for Galaxy Z Fold2

However, while it is durable (I personally dropped it a few times already and it is still working fine with a few scratches) and loaded with features, the device is hefty at 282 grams with a high price tag of PHP 109,990.

And since it is heavy, there's a chance you might drop it a few times.

While it has the ability to survive drops resulting in small dents and scratches, you don't want that on an expensive foldable device with a stylish glass design.

The solution to this problem? A case.

However, finding a case for this type of handset in physical stores in the malls is quite hard and you wouldn't want any type of cheap case for it.

Fortunately, Spigen Philippines told team GIZGUIDE that they have a special case for the Galaxy Z Fold2 that will be available in Philippine stores next week
the Tough Armor case.

Spigen Tough Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

The case design
The case design

Similar to other Spigen Tough Armor cases, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 Tough Armor Case comes with a simple yet durable design made out of shock-resistant polycarbonate material.
When folded at the back
When folded at the back

It has extreme drop protection with two layers of impact resistance, Air Cushion Technology for daily defense, a new hinge design for complete protection, and form-fitted with an ergonomic design and grip. The case measures 165.1 x 63.5 x 12.7 mm.
When unfolded
When unfolded
Outer screen when unfolded
Outer screen when unfolded

We've been using it for a couple of days and so far it seems to be a reliable case to protect our Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 review unit. It also has a good fit as well as proper cutouts for the speakers, USB-C port, microphone, buttons, and cameras.

When unfolded, everything is working perfectly fine and the case won't case mistouches. When folded, it has an extra raised edge to further protect the display.

Price and availability

Spigen Tough Armor Case for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 - PHP 2,700

The case is now available at the official Shopee and Lazada pages of Spigen Philippines for PHP 2,700. Next week, as mentioned, it will be available in physical stores.

Apart from this case, Spigen Philippines will soon make the Case Slim Armor Pro for the Galaxy Z Fold2 available soon. It is priced at PHP 3,700.

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