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IDC: Wearable market is up by 35 percent—Apple, Xiaomi, and Huawei are the top brands

International research firm IDC recently published the Worldwide Wearables Market report for 2020Q3.
File photo: Huawei Watch Fit

The wearable market grew by 35 percent year over year during the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20)

The data showed that the global wearables market grew by 35.1 percent year over year during the third quarter of 2020 (3Q20). It is equivalent to a whopping 125 million units worldwide.

IDC shared that the surge was driven by seasonality, new product launches, and the global pandemic. New products from Apple, Samsung, and others help renew interests in smartwatches and hearables. Consumers' spend on electronics also increased in recent months as spending on travel, dining out, and other leisure decreased.
Data from IDC
Data from IDC

Apple is on top with 33.1 percent of the market share or 41 million units shipped. AirPods and Apple Watches were hugely popular. The new mid-range Watch SE also helped.

Xiaomi is at number 2 with 17 million units shipped at 13.6 percent. IDC noted that 12.8 million of which were basic wristbands. Xiaomi grew by 26.4 percent YoY.

Huawei came at number 3 with 11 percent of the piece or 13.7 million units shopped. Despite the US sanctions, it had the biggest growth in the top 5 with 87.2 percent YoY growth. Since Huawei is not relying on Google for its watches and many components are not coming from non-US vendors, the negative impact of the China-US trade war is has been less than in other tech categories.

Samsung is at number 4 with 9.0 percent of the market share or 11.2 million units shipped. It also grew by 32.2 percent.

Tie at number 5 are Fitbit and BoAt with 2.6 percent of the market share each.

To read IDC's full report, click here.
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