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Regulatory filing proves that Samsung will ditch chargers like Apple did

Regulatory information confirmed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series won't be equipped with a power adapter or headphones in the box.
Samsung's tagline on its advertisement teasing Apple about the lack of charger

None of the three Galaxy S21 will be packed with accessories

Only a few days after Apple unveiled the iPhone series without power adapters, Samsung posted an ad that mocks the company for not including a charger in the package. and this was not too long ago.

But now, there is more evidence that the South Korean giant is devising a plan to remove the power adapters for its future releases.

According to 9to5Mac, there's a filing with the Brazilian regulatory agency ANATEL for the approval of the said Galaxy devices. The documentation contains a little information about the upcoming S21 series, but it reportedly confirms the rumors that none of the three upcoming devices will come with a charger or headphones.

By doing that, Samsung is following the footsteps of its rival. According to Apple, they eliminated the accessories for environmental reasons. But there are assumptions that they did this for cost-cutting because the 5G chips used were expensive.

Just like Apple did, Samsung is probably going to offer the accessories as standalone items. The Galaxy S21 smartphones are expected to arrive on January 14, 2021.

The phones are rumored to have new camera modules with up to four rear cameras, bigger battery capacities, more powerful chipsets, and more.

What do you guys think?

Source: MacRumors
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