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Huawei App Gallery updates design for better navigation, Featured tab

Huawei's dedication to delivering its best version of the App Gallery is shown as it pushes a redesign to provide better navigation and Featured tab.
Huawei App Gallery gets a redesign
Huawei App Gallery gets a redesign

Redesigned Huawei App Gallery now available

First up, the updated Featured tab allows users to see card-style previews of the featured apps. The previews include photos, guides, and articles of that particular app. The Featured tab highlight content handpicked by editors to provide ample information to the users regarding the apps. It also sees an update that allows users to scroll vertically from newer to older apps.

There's a Campaign tab that shows app promotions like Cashback discounts, "Lucky Draws", and Challenges that provide rewards to users for trying or purchasing new apps. The Gifts tab is where you retrieve the rewards you accrue when trying and buying apps.

For easier navigation, Apps and Games are now categorized separately into two tabs. Reviews and ratings are also easier to see and access. 

The Huawei App Gallery sees over 500 monthly active users. The App Gallery update is now rolling out across Europe and will be rolled out in other regions soon.

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Source: GSMArena

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