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LG UltraWide and UltraGear monitors geared for Content Creation in the new normal

The new normal has been a task to navigate around. Even in content creation, a shift in routine is inevitable. That's why LG monitors aim to help.
LG UltraWide and UltraGear monitors geared for Content Creation in the new normal
LG UltraWide, UltraGear monitors can be your content creation partner

LG UltraWide and UltraGear monitors for new normal content creation

LG UltraGear monitors
LG UltraGear monitors

LG provides great value for aspiring content creators with its UltraWide and UltraGear monitors. It helped content creators such as Eric "Eruption" Tai, Mikael Daez, Khalil Ramos, Architect Llyan Austria, Mike of Making It Happen, and Direk Noel Guevara. These monitors can be used for your home office, streaming, and gaming.

First up, the LG UltraWide monitor gives the user a 21:9 aspect ratio which is great for multi-tasking like video editing for instance. It has no color shift or distortion at all viewing angles. Even from above or below the display, LG promises no color degradation. It has a dual-controller feature that allows you to connect and control two devices in a single LG Ultrawide monitor allowing for an easy drag-and-drop file transfer between the devices.

It also has multi-tasking modes such as the Upscaled Work Efficiency Screen Split and Picture-by-Picture mode. Screen split allows you to configure how your screen space is divided between apps while Picture-by-Picture allows you to use two devices at once as mentioned earlier.

For game streaming, the LG UltraGear is the one. It features enhanced picture quality and higher refresh rates. It has a 144Hz refresh rate which is perfect for FPS and competitive MOBAs that need split-second reactions. It also provides a 1ms response time to provide that low input latency, reduce ghosting, and motion blurs. It also supports FreeSynce as well.

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