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Ookla: Philippines' global Mobile internet rank is up by 14 spots!

The Philippines improved its rank in terms of mobile internet speeds last December, ranking 14 spots up to 96th place out of 139 countries, data from Global Index run by American internet testing and analysis firm Ookla showed.
5G speed test using Moto G 5G Plus (GOMO)

PH improves its global rank in Mobile internet

In its report, Ookla said the country recorded an average download mobile internet speed reaching 22.50 megabits per second (Mbps). The average upload speed, meanwhile, was at 6.03 Mbps last month.

Screengrab from Ookla
Screengrab from Ookla

For the fixed broadband, the Philippines inched up by 3 notches, securing the 100th spot out of 176 countries, with download and upload speeds of 31.44 Mbps and 31.07 Mbps, respectively. 

In November, PH's Mobile rank is 110/139. For Fixed Broadband, PH rank is 103 out of 176 countries.

The government's initiative to cut the red tape in the local telco industry surely played a major role in boosting internet service in the Philippines. 

This allowed existing players Globe and PLDT to ramp up their respective network buildup, especially the deployment of cell sites across the country.

Third telco player DITO Telecommunity also banked on this to establish its network infrastructure as it sets for its March 2021 commercial launch. 

Adding to the pressure, President Rodrigo Duterte in July last year threatened the dominant telcos to boost their services or face his ire. 

Both groups said they have been boosting their network to support the demand amid the pandemic, where work-from-home scheme and distance learning has been embraced as part of the new normal.

PH rank is still below the global average though.

Source: Ookla

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