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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro First Impressions

We got our hands on the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless earphones with active noise cancellation.
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro First Impressions
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Alongside the Samsung Galaxy S21 series, Samsung also announced the new Galaxy Buds Pro with IPX7 and Active Noise Cancellation or ANC that connects thru Bluetooth 5.0.

It will be up for pre-order this January 18 to 28, 2021 in the Philippines. Those who pre-order will get a free wireless charging pad worth PHP 1,499.

Let's dive in!

Build Quality/Design

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro when worn and held

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro seems to be a combination of the previous Galaxy Buds and Buds+ shape but with the Buds Live's square-like case.

We only got to handle the case and the earbuds. There were no packaging, documentation, or accessories.
Comes in three colorways

We were able to check out the Phantom Silver and Phantom Black colorways. It also comes in Phantom Violet.

The charging case is made of an outer glossy, high-quality, and lightweight polycarbonate material and an inner matte finish gray material. 
Top and Bottom of the case

The top part of the outer shell has the Samsung by AKG branding. Inside the case is the aforementioned gray material along with the slots for each earbud, CPU contacts, LED notification light, and the left/right labels.

At the bottom of the charging case is the regulatory information in a slightly sunken round area. The charging case also supports wireless charging which means it can charge wirelessly with wireless charging pads, power banks, and reverse wireless charging compatible smartphones.
Galaxy Buds Pro case front and back
Galaxy Buds Pro case front and back

In front of the charging case is the opening of the charging case and the LED notification light while at the back is the hinge and the USB Type-C port.
Galaxy Buds Pro earpieces front and back
Galaxy Buds Pro earpieces front and back

Each earbud is also made of a combination of a shiny metallic finish and a matte gray material. On the outer side of the earbuds is the shiny metallic material with two microphones and one metal grill per bud.

In-ear design + ANC!

On the inner side of the earbuds are the CPU contacts, removable cups, two types of grills, and the proximity sensor (that detects if the buds are in the ear), and the third inner microphone.
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro quick pair
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro quick pair

Upon opening the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, nearby recently released Galaxy smartphones will have a pop-up on their screens that prompts the user if they want to pair with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. This pop-up persists each time even if the Buds have been paired with the same smartphone before.

Once connected, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro maintains a stable and clear connection with the smart device. 

If pairing for the first time, the initial set-up requires users to wear the earbuds and press on the earbuds until the user hears a beep. The initial set-up also requires the Galaxy Wearables app where the set-up will complete. Users can connect with Bluetooth only but will have limited functionality.

Samsung x AKG audio

Our hands-on with the Buds Pro was short so we could not fully experience the new Active Noise cancellation and sound quality. But in our brief time with it, the sound quality of music seems good while the Active Noise Cancellation was immediately noticeably better than the Buds Live's ANC.

We will have to wait for a review unit to compare it with other truly wireless earphones with Active Noise Cancellation.

As of the moment

Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem continues to grow
Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem continues to grow

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is looking to have the same great build quality, compactness, and portability of the Buds Live but will significantly better Active Noise Cancellation with the use of silicone ear cups instead of the bean-shaped Buds Live.

As we mentioned above, it would be best to hold off until we get our hands on a review unit before we make a clear verdict in terms of sound quality, ANC, value, and overall package.

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