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Smart high-speed internet now reach historic island town of Limasawa!

Smart Communications rolls-out high-speed internet at the Philippine's historic island of Limasawa to drive modernization.
Smart high-speed internet now reach historic island town of Limasawa!
Smart LTE now reaches Limasawa's historic island

Smart LTE now available in Limasawa

The Smart LTE rollout is just in time for the yearlong celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Christianization of the Philippines that happened on Easter Sunday in 1521. Smart LTE will help in virtual activities as well as promote the island for tourism. Before Smart LTE reached Limasawa, the island town was relying on local bandilyos and posts on barangay bulletin boards.

This will also help in disaster preparation and response as well as enabling teachers and learners to adapt to blended learning and online lessons. Limasawa is one of the far coastal communities wherein Smart and PLDT accelerated cell site rollouts. As of December 2020, PLDT's infrastructure comprised more than 429K kilometers.

In 2020, PLDT and Smart also accelerated their digital transformation. Smart was able to add 59,000 base stations. It also boosted the number of 5G sites across the Philippines.

Smart is aiming to add 2,000 more sites in 2021.

Where will Smart Communications expand next?

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