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Globe provides FREE speed upgrades to loyal Home Broadband subscribers

Globe Telecom said it has been boosting internet speeds of its home broadband subscribers for free to support their increasing needs. 
Globe provides FREE speed upgrades to loyal Home Broadband subscribers
FREE speed upgrades 

Globe offers FREE speed increase!

The telco said loyal home broadband customers have been enjoying free internet upgrades during the pandemic when most businesses have embraced work-from-scheme and distance learning for students.

It is really important for us to earn the trust of our customers especially during these times. So we took a look at what our customers are paying and the services they're getting in return, said Darius Delgado, Vice President and Head of Broadband Business at Globe.

For an instance, those customers who applied for 10 megabits per second (Mbps) at Plan 1699 may be upgraded to twice their current speed without the need to cough up more money, he said. 

Globe encouraged its home subscribers to update their account details through the Globe at Home app.

This is our way of making sure that with Globe, our customers really get what they pay for. If our customers are able to maximize the plans that they subscribe to, this is real value for money, Delgado said.

Earlier, Globe said the country now has cheaper broadband service than the global average. 

A survey conducted by Cable.co.uk showed that the country ranked 18th out of 42 Asian countries in terms of the average cost of broadband at USD 0.75, which is also "way below" the global average among 211 countries measured. 

The average cost of broadband packages offered by local carriers is USD 53.71, lower than the global average of USD 78.14. 

Globe claimed efforts to further develop its network have resulted in more affordable and quality internet services.

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