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Twitter rolls out Birdwatch to fight against misleading information!

Twitter just launched a program in the US called Birdwatch to push its users to check facts.
Twitter rolls out Birdwatch to fight against misleading information!
Twitter users can contribute to Birdwatch when they found the tweet inaccurate or inappropriate

A community-based approach to misinformation

There are big chunks of information posted every day on social media platforms, on Twitter alone. That's why the company developed a program to counter misinformation. With this new feature, users may identify deceitful or inaccurate tweets.

Birdwatch also permits them to type notes to provide a concise explanation regarding the subject. However, these notes are only seen on the Birdwatch site in which pilot participants can rate them.

The blog post mentioned that Twitter intended to separate these notes since the program is building its credibility and reputation by providing accurate and helpful information. In addition to that, notes will not have an effect on the way people see tweets or their system recommendations.

Eventually, they aim to make notes visible directly on tweets for the global Twitter audience when there is agreement from a broad and diverse set of contributors. For now, all data posted on Birdwatch is going to be available to the public for download in TSV file format.

As of the writing, Birdwatch is available for pilot testing in the United States. Twitter Vice President in Product Keith Coleman noted,

We hope this will enable experts, researchers, and the public to analyze or audit Birdwatch, identifying opportunities or flaws that can help us more quickly build an effective community-driven solution.

What are your thoughts on this?

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