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Alleged leak of iPhone Flip reveals a foldable clamshell design

Known Apple leaker Jon Prosser showed an alleged design of the iPhone Flip with a similar clamshell build to Galaxy Z Flip.
Clamshell design (Screenshot from Concepts iPhone)

iPhone Flip to be launched as a stylish yet affordable flip device?

According to the latest episode of Front Page Tech, Apple has reportedly put both two kinds of iPhone Flip prototypes. But later on, they decided to go with the clamshell design. Regarding the build of the Apple flip phone,

Prosser explained in the video that Apple will not use the well-known "phone-to-tablet" design but his sources do not know the reason behind this direction. He explained,

[Apple] is leaning heavily in favor of a clamshell [iPhone design],…My sources aren’t exactly sure why, all they know is the clamshell is now having the majority of the attention placed on it behind the scenes… [and] is getting elevated behind the scenes in terms of a production timeline.

Prosser noted that the tech giant from Silicon Valley has still a long way to go with this ongoing project. He also mentioned that the iPhone Flip will possibly arrive in different, fun, and eye-catching colors.

Because of that, the leaker assumes that this being designed as a device for the masses. This could mean that this smartphone may not be as expensive as other foldable phones launched in the market. Prosser added that the foldable iPhone may actually be sold for USD 1,499. This is considered affordable for a foldable device, especially that it is coming from Apple.

Meanwhile, Prosser also reported a leak about the Apple VR headset from a trustworthy source called Apple Tracker. In the video, he showed a sketch of what this upcoming mixed-reality accessory may look like. The source claimed that each of the glasses will sport an 8K display and 12 cameras to track the user's eye movement. 

Since the development of the iPhone Flip is still allegedly at the initial phase, Apple can still change its plans. The same thing with the Apple VR headset, there's no assurance that the leaked features and design will be implemented. We just have to wait until the company releases an official teaser or announcement. 

Stay tuned for more updates.

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