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Here's why ditching in-box chargers won't save the planet

In October, Apple made headlines with the launch of its iPhone 12 series. But the introduction of their flagship smartphone series wasn't the only reason the tech community was abuzz, the company also announced in-box wall chargers and wired earphones will no longer be included in the iPhone 12 package.
Here's why ditching in-box chargers won't save the planet
Slim box, no charger

Why ditching in-box chargers won't save the planet?

Is Apple’s decision to exclude chargers and earphones in the iPhone 12 package doing the Earth any good? And would other companies follow suit?

Here's why ditching in-box chargers won't save the planet

During the announcement of the iPhone 12 series, Apple also made its pledge against greenhouse gas emissions made known. In this undertaking, the brand has seen fit to exclude wall chargers and earphones in the boxes as creating these involve mining, packaging, and emission of planet-heating carbon dioxide. And doing so would lead to fewer of the things that hurt the planet.

This is a great initiative and Apple being the trailblazer that it is, many might follow in the company's footsteps if this proves to be an effective way of curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

However, there’s an elephant in the room that needs to be addressed: people would still have to buy wall chargers and earphones.

People buying separate chargers and earphones also means more packaging waste and a bigger carbon footprint—just care of other companies that make accessories. Another problem that may arise as well is people might resort to substandard products, which we all know don’t last long meaning customers may have to buy repeatedly and may even put the user in harm’s way.

This is a boon for Apple though, as it will cut the costs. According to tech analysts, apart from helping the environment, Apple might also be delegating the budget into its transition to 5G. Components required in making these phones capable of providing super speedy internet are complex and rather costly.

While this move to reduce the company's carbon footprint has many gaping holes, it is still a laudable initiative. While naysayers will say otherwise, Apple’s influence in the tech industry is massive. If this gets the ball rolling and has companies talking about moving towards more sustainable options in the creation and distribution of their devices, then it is definitely a step in the right direction.

In fact, Samsung and Xiaomi already followed by launching the S21 series and the Mi 11 in China. 

What do you guys think? Does this sound like a gimmick? What is the best way for companies to reduce their carbon footprint? Share them with us.

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