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Final Fantasy Battle Royale for iOS and Android announced!

Square Enix revealed The Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier as a prequel in battle royale format.
The trailer of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier (Photo from VentureBeat)

A survival game with weapons and magic

After today’s State of Play released the  Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for PlayStation 5, the game’s Twitter account revealed Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. This is a mobile battle royale game set in Midgar before the events of Final Fantasy VII. 

There's not much information about this game yet but as the title implies, it’s centered on SOLDIER. It is a group of enhanced fighters that plays an important role in FFVII’s story.

Moreover, the trailer shows some iconic FFVII characters and some fast-paced combat that involves weapons and magic. According to the tweet, "As a SOLDIER candidate, make full use of your abilities in a battle for your survival."

Meanwhile, the company is also planning to launch another mobile game called Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis. This one is a compilation of all the games and stories set in the Final Fantasy VII universe (Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus). It will focus on all the events from each game, in addition to new story elements focusing on the "origins of SOLDIER."

The Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier is expected to arrive this year whereas the Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is anticipated in 2022. Allegedly, Square Enix will bring these two mobile games in Android and iOS.

Are you guys excited for the game's release?

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