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Sony is making a next-gen VR and controller for PS5

Sony's Senior Vice President, Platform Planning & Management Hideaki Nishino has revealed the next generation of the PlayStation VR system is currently in development.
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Next-gen VR and controller for PS5

Hideaki Nishino, posted in the PlayStation blog about the new PS VR headset for the next-gen console PS5is getting a higher resolution, an enhanced field of view, and better tracking and input. This device will connect via a single cord to have a simplified setup and easier to use while providing a superb visual experience.

Sony also teases a new VR controller, that will be adopting some of the technology in the DualSense gamepad. They will be focusing on its ergonomic design.

No more additional information provided and they mentioned too there's still a lot of development underway for their VR system. They said that we cannot expect it to be launched this year.

Hopefully, we can all see it in the next coming year. Stay tuned with us for more news about PlayStation.

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