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Huawei has a new tech to extend life of batteries

Global tech giant Huawei has patented a silicon-carbon composite material as well as a method for producing it.
Huawei has a new tech to extend life of batteries
File photo of a Huawei phone while charging

A new material that can extend the life of batteries

Huawei is planning to use this material in new lithium-ion batteries. Its purpose? To extend their life.
Huawei's battery patent
Huawei's battery patent

The patent description revealed that it is a durable composite material that includes a core covered with an alkaline layer. Then, the silicon core is filled with ith amorphous carbon. The pore size does not exceed 50 nm.

The tiny pore structure of the silicon-carbon composite material effectively reduces the contact area between the silicon material and the electrolyte. This will reduce the likelihood of side reactions resulting in prolonged battery life.

The report also reads that the graphite skeleton can effectively reduce the volumetric expansion and contraction of the material to improve the structural stability and energy density of the composite material at the same time.

There is no word on how long will it prolong the life of batteries and when will this tech be available to consumer products.

But if this really works, we are excited!

Source: MyDrivers, Via: GizChina

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