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IDC: Apple dominantly lead the tablet market once again!

According to IDC's newest report, the global tablet market has returned to growth. The brand on top? Apple.
IDC: Apple dominantly lead the tablet market once again!
Apple iPad Air 4th Gen

Q4 2020 tablet leaders!

It said that during the 4Q20 (4th quarter of 2020), the worldwide tablet market recorded an outstanding 19.5 percent year-over-year growth with 52.2 million units shipped. Due to the pandemic, this is the first time that the tablet market reached shipment levels not seen since Q4 of 2017.
Data from IDC
Data from IDC

The report noted that detachable tablets have broadened their presence in the market due to their productivity, flexibility, and ease of use that are in direct competition with notebooks. Because of this along with backlogs for PCs, detachable tablets alone grew by 27.9 percent during the quarter. Slate tablets also grew by 13.7 percent as consumers sought ways to stay entertained.

In Q4 2020, Apple shipped 19.0 million units worldwide. This is equivalent to 36.5 percent of the market share and 19.5 percent growth. Samsung followed with 10.1 million units shipped for 19.4 percent of the market share. Lenovo, Amazon, and Chinese tech giant Huawei are in the number 3, 4, and 5 spots, respectively.

IDC shared that the new iPad 10.2 and iPad Air 10.9 launched during the last two quarters help drive sales during the holiday quarter. Huawei is still in the top 5 despite the relentless attacks by the US government.

For the entire 2020, Apple lead with 53.2 million units shipped. Samsung followed with 31.3 million units. Huawei is at number 3 with 16.0 million units shipped.

Source: IDC

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