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Samsung to make Exynos powered laptops with AMD Graphics

South Korean firm Samsung is reportedly developing an Exynos chipset with AMD graphics which they may use for their next laptops.

Apple M1 challenger?

To recap, back in 2019, Samsung collaborated with AMD to develop mobile GPUs that will be used for their "flagship devices".

The news initially hinted that we will be seeing the first Exynos with AMD GPU on mobile devices only. However, if the news from Korea's ZDNet is true, this time Samsung may be applying a different strategy and will do an interesting approach for the said SoC.

ZDNet Korea revealed that Samsung will launch a laptop powered by Exynos chipset with AMD GPU onboard.

The Korean tech giant may announce its release later this year, sometime after launching their flagship Galaxy S21. The SoC is reportedly coined as the Exynos 2200.

No other information was mentioned but it is suspected that Samsung may be building its laptop's screen, memory, storage, and battery. This could mean that it may feature Samsung's OLED screens which they released last month.

Just to note, this isn't the first time we are seeing ARM-based laptops. In fact, Apple even made the M1 chipset which proved to be just as powerful (or even better) as the ones from AMD and Intel, which then became a hit for Macbook users.

Even the Galaxy Book S was equipped with Snapdragon SoC too.

With Samsung imitating Apple's strategy, could we finally see a Windows-powered challenger to the Apple M1 PCs?

Source: ZDNet Korea

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