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Sharp launches new bigger and better TV and audio products

Sharp Philippines has just launched its newest line of TV and audio products in the country for 2021.
Sharp launches new bigger and better TV and audio products
Sharp launches new bigger and better TV and audio products

It includes four new TV products with Google Assistant and new Bluetooth speakers. Sharp claimed that these devices are designed to bring convenience, protection, and lifestyle evolution to everyone—gearing towards being the best partner of every household.

Sharp's new Smart TVs!

50-inch 2K TV
50-inch 2K TV

45" 2K Android TV (2T-C45CG1X) & 50" 2K Android TV (2T-C50CG1X) - These are 2K Android TVs with Sharp's AQUOS technology to ensure a good quality viewing experience. These TVs can be controlled via Google Assistant through the remote control. To get started, just press the Assistant button on your remote control.

2. 50" 4K Android TV (4T-C50CK1X), 60" 4K Android TV (4T-C60CK1X), 60" 4K Android TV (4T-C60CK2X) - Similar to the first two mentioned Smart TVs, these 3 TVs boasts the Google Assistant feature to let you play your favorite shows, songs, movies, and even discover new ones. Moreover, these TVs are equipped with Sharp's proprietary X4 Master Engine that delivers an Ultra HD cinematic viewing experience.

4T-C50CK1X, 4T-C60CK1X, and 4T-C60CK2X even have dual-band WiFi tech capable of receiving either of 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi frequency. The built-in 5GHz receiver has a better and stable connection when watching your favorite movie via Netflix, online gaming, or even downloading.

Just note that this 5GHz WiFi is different from the 5G mobile internet that's being rolled out by the local telcos.

Wireless Audio Speakers

Bike Speaker

1. Bluetooth Portable Bike Speaker - GX-BP1(BK)
- This is a rechargeable Bluetooth speaker designed for bikers to provide music streaming while biking. It also has water and mud resistance.
Party Speaker
Party Speaker

2. Bluetooth Party Speaker (PS-930) - As the name suggests, this speaker is designed for parties that you can use even at home. Sharp claimed that this will surely deliver loud, pounding, rhythmic music for a better listing experience. It has five preset EQs including flat, jazz, classic, pop, and rock. 

The speaker also has support to wirelessly connect your smart device to stream audio directly to the party speaker or even use 2x USB input for music playback. For karaoke, it has two-microphone inputs.

This speaker is portable enough to move easily from place to place. It also has a flashing LED light on the speaker and a strobe light at the front and bottom.

Sharp has yet to reveal their local pricing and complete availability details.

For more info, visit the Sharp Philippines' Facebook page here.

We will keep you guys posted.

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