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Try these great dating ideas from XTREME Appliances

Local brand XTREME Appliances is sharing cool ideas on how couples can celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day this year.
Try these great dating ideas from XTREME Appliances
Have a relaxing date at home with XTREME Appliances

Unique but romantic celebration during Valentine's Day

Celebrating the romantic holiday this 2021 might be a challenge during this pandemic. There are many restrictions everywhere but it doesn't mean you have to cancel your plans for your special someone.

Some prefer dating at home and bonding over Netflix and ordering takeout meals. But you can also try these creative dating experience using some home appliances from XTREME.

1. Have a cook-off with your date There's a saying that one way to a guy/girl's heart is through the stomach. You can try impressing your partner by whipping up something new in the kitchen. First, look for a vlogger chef to learn the cooking steps and the recipe then use the XTREME Home Gas Range Pro to bake, cook, or roast. Meanwhile, the XTREME Home Rangehood can keep your house ventilated and odor-free from all the cooking.

2. Plan a Virtual Date If you're far from each other during Valentine's Day, you can still be romantic through a virtual date. With the XTREME S Series Smart TV, you can stream on YouTube Fiesta and watch travel tours online. It has a  4K Ultra High Definition resolution for an enjoyable viewing experience. 

Make the date more romantic by sending a local cuisine from your target destination to your bucket list. You can use the  XTREME Home Induction Cooker since it has 6 cooking modes: fry, deep fry, braise, soup, porridge, and hotpot. Have it delivered to someone special so she/he can have something to indulge in while watching. 

3. Prepare special cocktail drinks together You can have your own mini bar at home and have a chill date with your girlfriend or boyfriend. Keep your wine or champagne at a chilling temperature by storing them in a 1.8cu ft. XTREME Home Single Door Refrigerator. Also, you can use the XTREME Home Blender to mix your own concoctions to showcase your talent in mixology.

After the fun celebration, you might need help with cleaning dirty dishes and linens. There's an XTREME Home Dishwasher and XTREME Cool Combo Washer & Dryer to make your life easier.

You can celebrate special occasions at home because there are reliable and high-quality appliances from XTREME that you can use anytime.

For the complete list of products and exclusive discounts, please visit XTREME's website.

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