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DITO: Phone models not mentioned on initial list may still use its network services

DITO Telecommunity clarified on Wednesday that subscribers who own phones, which are not included in its initial list of compatible devices, may still enjoy its mobile services.
DITO: Phone models not mentioned on initial list may still use its network services
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DITO says phones under its initial list have undergone compatibility test

During a Senate hearing, DITO chief technology officer Rodolfo Santiago said that the list of phones it initially issued on Monday only means that "those models have undergone a collaborative test of their compatibility to our network."

SEE below the initial list of devices, as of March 10

Initial models compatible with DITO

Those [models] not in the list do not necessarily mean that they are not compatible. It just means that models not in the list have not undergone a collaborative compatibility test with our networks, Santiago added.

If you have no plans of buying a new phone, check your device if it supports VoLTE (voice over LTE) since DITO's SIM cards only fully work on VoLTE phones.

According to the DITO official, the third telco player cannot guarantee that other phone models not mentioned on the initial list will not experience any technical issue as they were not tested yet.

Santiago assured the public that DITO continues to conduct collaborative tests with other brands and phone manufacturers.

The commercial reason is because we want to protect the consumers from wasting their money. We don’t want them to waste their money to buy our SIMs, services and they cannot fully utilize their phones because of compatibility. The partial list that we provided are the phones that we, as a company, have had extensive testing as well coordination with these handset manufacturers, DITO chief administrative officer Adel Tamano said.

DITO made its network services initially available to select areas in Cebu and Davao.

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