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Globe launches Go250, Go400 promo packages with up to 25GB data!

Globe announced a pair of new prepaid promos called the Go250 and Go400. Both are valid for 15 days with 15GB and 25GB open access data allocation.
Globe launches Go250, Go400 promo packages with up to 25GB data!
Globe Go250, Go400 are new all-data promos

Globe Go250, Go400 goes live!

Go250, Go400 inclusions

Globe users rejoice as Globe Telecom brings a pair of data-only prepaid packages with up to 25 Gigabyte of data called Go250 and Go400.

Go250 has 15GB while Go400 has 25GB allocation for ALL sites. Both are also valid for 15 days only. All site access means you can use this for social media browsing, video and music streaming, as well as gaming. Just be mindful of your usage to maximize the 15-day duration and validity.

One thing to note though is that since these are dedicated data packages only, both promos do not include calls and text allocations. For packages with UNLIMITED calls to Globe/TM and texts to all networks, you can opt for Go50, Go90, Go120, and Go140.

All of these promos are available via the GlobeONE app. The GlobeONE app is now available for download at the Google Play Store and the Apple app store.

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