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Samsung unveils 2021 line of MICRO LED, NEO QLED TVs and more!

Samsung has just showcased its 2021 lineup of MICRO LED, Neo QLED, lifestyle TVs, monitors and soundbar at its Unbox & Discover event.
Samsung unboxes 2021 line of MICRO LED, NEO QLED TVs and more!
Samsung 76-inch MICRO LED TV

Samsung unveils 2021 TVs, soundbars and monitors!

Through its Unbox & Discover online virtual event, Samsung officially unveils its 2021 line-up of TVs, Soundbars, and monitors.

In 2018, Samsung introduced MICRO LED with the 292-inch 'The Wall' TV. The Korean giant followed up with 110-inch, 99-inch and 88-inch model thru the years. Now in 2021, Samsung announces the 76-inch model which may actually fit inside a standard size living room. MICRO LED TVs also feature the 4Vue (Quad-view) which allows users to watch four different sources of content simultaneously.
New 8K Neo QLED TV!
New 8K Neo QLED TV!

Samsung has also updated the Neo QLED line of TVs with Quantum Mini LEDs. At just 1/40th size of normal LEDs, these new Quantum Mini LEDs allow for ultra-dine of light. The upper-end of the line Neo QLED now includes gaming-centric features like AMD Free-sync Premium Pro along with a new 'Game Bar' with quick access to settings like refresh rate, aspect ratio (Super Ultrawide Gameview), and input-lag.
Updated The Frame TV
Updated The Frame TV

The Frame has been refreshed with a slimmer design and with more bezel design options that add to its 'piece of art on the wall' concept. The internal storage of the TV has been dramatically been increased to 6GB from a mere 500MB so that customers can store up to 1,200 high-resolution images. Samsung has also introduced new mounting options like the Slim Fit Wall Mount for The Frame.
Samsung Q-series soundbar
Samsung Q-series soundbar

Samsung has also announced the new 2021 Q series soundbars that come with the Q-Symphony tech, syncing audio from the TV to deliver enhanced 3-dimensional sound. Samsung claims that the soundbar measures the environment and then projects audio precisely where it should be.

There is no word yet on model availability and pricing for the Philippines.

What do you guys think?

Source: Samsung, Via: The Verge

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