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Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pulsator Washing Machine 10kg with NFC launched in China!

Xiaomi's Smart Home appliances subbrand MIJIA has revealed the new Pulsator Washing Machine 10kg with NFC and with smart home integration.
Xiaomi MIJIA Smart Pulsator Washing Machine 10kg with NFC launched in China!
Can fit 16 pairs of jeans!

With self-cleaning and air-drying modes!

Made of PCM metal material
Made of PCM metal material

Previously, Xiaomi sub-brand MIJIA launched Pulsator Washing Machine in 3 kg, 5.5 kg, 8 kg capacity models that start at CNY 666. Now, GizmoChina reports that the Smart Home brand has announced the 10Kg capacity model.

The new Pulsator Washing Machine 10 kg can carry up to 48 shirts, 4-one-meter floor-to-ceiling curtains, 16 pairs of jeans, 4 sets of bed sheets, and the clothes of a family of four all at once. The body is made of PCM metal material that is waterproof and moisture-proof while the top cover is made of transparent damped panoramic glass to let the user see the inside.

It supports self-cleaning and air-drying modes inside the inner barrel. In the self-cleaning mode, high-speed water flows in to clean the dirt that has accumulated inside and outside the barrel while the residual moisture in the air-drying prevents the growth of bacteria in the barrel and thus prevents the clothes from infection.

It features 16 professional washing programs and it can wash common fabrics along with delicate high-end fabrics. Eight of these washing programs can be switched with just a single button on the machine. If used with the MIJIA smartphone app, users gain access to an extra 8 professional programs to choose from.

Lastly, the washing machine can be connected to a smartphone via NFC or a smart home device like the XiaoAI speaker via the MIJIA app. The connected speaker can be set to beep or play music when the washing machine is done washing.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

MIJIA Smart Pulsator Washing Machine 10kg - CNY 1,599 (around PHP 11.85K)

Those who pre-order can purchase the 10kg model for only CNY 1,099. It is only available in China. There is no word yet on global or Philippine pricing and availability.

What do you guys think?

Source: GizmoChina

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