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Converge successfully connects Visayas and MIndanao to national fiber backbone

Converge announced their completion of connecting Visayas and Mindanao to its national fiber backbone.
Mindanao landing station

Project completed in the Visayas and Mindanao!

Thanks to the landing of their submarine cables in Cagayan de Oro on Wednesday. The internet provider was able to complete their project. 

Converge said that their cables landed in the Visayas through San Remigio in Cebu province. They also said that they are connecting other islands in the Visayas region, such as Panay, Negros, Leyte, and Bohol to its national backbone. The domestic submarine cable project is worth around PHP 6 billion.

Dennis Anthony Uy, the CEO of Converge said,

We are looking to firing up our fiber broadband services in the Visayas and Mindanao so that we can soon provide the unserved and underserved areas in central and southern Philippines with world-class internet connectivity.

The company states that they are bringing world-class technologies used by the leader in the broadband market countries such as South Korea and Singapore in its national fiber backbone project with its fiber optic submarine cables supplied by French company the "Nexans Group" and its active optical equipment from different suppliers across the globe.

Jesus Romero, COO of Converge stated,

We are partnering with the best in the world to bring the latest technologies to the country as we aim to provide our customers with a better internet experience, especially during this time when many of our people are staying inside their homes not just for the entertainment but also for work and online classes. For example, we aim to run 400 Gbps waves on our national backbone.

Romero also added that Converge's fiber-fast broadband services will also support the recovery of small, medium, and large enterprises in the Visayas and Mindanao area. The company hopes to launch its cutting-edge services and business solutions in the two regions by the second half of 2021.
Cagayan de Oro landing

The company said that Converge FlexiBIZ should allow small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to capitalize on the pure fiber connection which is not only reliable but flexible enough that permits value-for-money internet service. This will allow businesses to experience high-speed internet connection during a pre-set time of the day, depending on the SME's choice of plan.

The company also introduced the "Time of Day" product that permits residential subscribers to choose the time of the day when they can receive two times the speed of their internet plan for just an additional PHP 399.

The internet provider has been on the move by increasing its fiber footprint nationwide, with plans to double its pure fiber network to 55,000 kilometers by 2020, passing over six million homes.

Converge also aim to reach 55 percent of total households in the Philippines by 2025.

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