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Top 3 highlights of the Huawei MeeTime video-calling app!

Nowadays, video calls have become part of our daily lives. Huawei MeeTime is the company's own offering and here are its best features.
Top 3 highlights of the Huawei MeeTime video-calling app!
Why Huawei MeeTime is a go-to video calling app

Best features of Huawei MeeTime

Great video and audio quality
Great video and audio quality

1. High-quality audio and video - Huawei MeeTime supports up to 1080p video streaming regardless of lighting conditions. Whether you are in a well-lit room or lowlight environment, the video remains to be in HD quality. The same can be said about the audio. Audio coming from you and your friends, family, or colleagues will always come loud and clear.

2. Enhance your virtual presence - Working from home gives us the benefit to be dressed in our most comfortable. However, when a meeting calls for you to dress up and freshen up, Huawei MeeTime's beauty function can help you enhance your presence with a click of a button. There's also 360-degree background switching and a variety of filters that lets users swap your environments.
You can also share your screen
You can also share your screen

3. Share Screen, Multi-device integration - Users can also share their screens on MeeTime which is very useful when presenting, sharing notes, guiding your family and friends through some apps, or even online shopping together. MeeTime can also use multi-device integration across different Huawei devices. With this, a user can pick up a call on any of his Huawei devices.

The Huawei MeeTime app is now available for download via the Huawei AppGallery. It is compatible with devices using EMUI 10.0 and above.

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