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LG finally opens a Smart Laundry Lounge in the Philippines!

LG Philippines just unveiled the first-ever Smart Laundry Lounge that simplifies the whole laundry process for business owners and customers.
LG finally opens a Smart Laundry Lounge in the Philippines!
A sneak peek at the first smart laundry lounge in the Philippines

Designed both for customers and business owners

The LG Smart Laundry Lounge is now located in FasrWash Bocobo 1000 J. Bocobo St. in Ermita, Manila. According to the company, this is the first-ever smart laundry lounge outside South Korea. Basically, it streamlines the laundry process with the use of the LG Laundry Lounge App. LG Philippines Managing Director Sungjae Kim expressed his excitement about the grand opening,

We are excited about the opening of the Philippines’ first-ever Smart Laundry Lounge. We envision the concept to be an attractive one for budding businessmen, and for consumers as well. We want people to be able to experience our smart solutions both in and outside their homes.

LG said that the said app makes the experience safer and easy to understand. For laundry shop owners, they can monitor income, set up new machines, and manage error messages. They can also receive notifications if there's an issue in the laundromat.
Organizing the entire laundry process systematically
Organizing the entire laundry process systematically

On the other hand, customers can choose cycles, manage the laundry, and make payments. There are also notifications when there are vacant machines so they no longer need to wait for their turn.

Each washing machine also includes hygiene care to ensure safety. They guarantee that the tub of the machine is clean and safe before, during, and after every use.

If you are curious about this Smart Laundry Lounge, you can watch a virtual tour by clicking here.

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