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Huawei announces 6 new products to improve business Cloud and AI technology!

During Huawei Developer Conference 2021, Huawei announced 6 innovative products and services to improve the cloud and AI solutions for businesses.
Huawei announces 6 new products to improve business Cloud and AI technology
File photo: Inside a Huawei facility in Shenzhen, China

Huawei's innovative Cloud and AI products from HDC.Cloud 2021

Huawei plans to invest USD 220 million in Huawei Developer Program 2.0
Huawei plans to invest USD 220 million in Huawei Developer Program 2.0

HDC.Cloud 2021 took place in Shenzhen, China. The three-day event served as the debut stage for 6 innovative products for Cloud-Native and AI that includes the Huawei CLOUD CCE Turbo, Huawei CLOUD CloudIDE, Huawei CLOUD GaussDB database, Trusted Intelligent Computing Service, Huawei CLOUD Pangu Model, and Infrastructure software.

First. we have the Huawei CLOUD CCE Turbo that is designed to accelerate computing, networks, and scheduling. In terms of computing acceleration, CCE Turbo is the only container cluster that supports full container component offload with zero loss of server resources or performance.

For network acceleration, it uses an innovative container pass-through network that transforms a two-layer network into a single-layer network. This will, in turn, halve the end-to-end connection time with latency reduced by 40 percent.

For scheduling acceleration, CCE Turbo senses different application models and network topologies. This allows it to optimize task scheduling policies to implement large-scale hybrid deployment and intelligent scheduling of offline and online services.

Huawei CLOUD CloudIDE provides developers with a lightweight and fast programming experience. This enables them to performant intelligent online programming anytime from anywhere.

Huawei CLOUD GaussDB database for openGauss is a reliable solution for migrating enterprise core data to the cloud. This is done through high performance, high elasticity, and high availability.

Huawei CLOUD Trusted Intelligent Computing Service, TICS, is a solution for unlocking data value while ensuring security. Technically, TICS provides security for innovative and converged applications of data elements, enabling secure data flow, and maximizing data value. It also supports interconnection with some of the most used data sources, adapting to typical big data application scenarios without conversion.

Huawei CLOUD Pangu Model is based on the industrial AI development model of "pre-training + downstream fine-tuning". The Pangu Model accelerates the introduction of AI into a wide range of industries and is making inclusive AI a reality. It features strong generalization ability, small-sample learning, and high model accuracy.

Huawei aims to spend USD 220 million investing in Huawei Developer Program 2.0 and the launch of the Huawei CLOUD Partner Innovation program. This campaign also includes the Kunpeng OpenMind Project and Ascend OpemMind Project.

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