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NBA 2K21 "Arcade Edition" with improved graphics launched on mobile iOS devices

2K launched the new mobile version for the NBA 2K franchise for iOS devices.
NBA 2K21 "Arcade Edition" with improved graphics launched on mobile iOS devices
Arcade Edition

Upgraded graphics on mobile!

Back in September last year, 2K released the console and PC version of the NBA 2K21, but many have been asking why there is no mobile version during their annual launch date. The publisher surely took longer and now they have made the game available to download on Apple Arcade.

The new mobile game brings a whole new experience with upgraded visuals, improved AI, and animations.

The players can now feel the excitement of taking the role of their favorite NBA stars and bring next-level gameplay across a choice of exciting modes:

  • Play 5-on-5 basketball featuring the latest NBA roster from 2020-2021 season in Arena Quick Match
  • Experience fast-paced, over-the-top games on street courts through Blacktop Mode
  • Play with friends on Online Multiplayer mode via Game Center
  • Start a journey toward NBA legend status in MyCAREER and spend hours navigating through personal storylines and progression.

2K said that its users will also feel the intensity of the game through responsive touch controls, slick camera angles, and realistic player attributes across ballhandling speed, shooting, and defense, all while even having more power when using the Xbox or PS DualShock gamepad that works on any Apple devices.

We also hope that there's an Android version too. We have known 2k releasing Android versions on a much later date due to difficulty in making the game compatible and playable across multiple specifications that Android users have. Just like what they did with the NBA 2K mobile which also took its time before being available on the Google Play Store. After all, the publishers can't just miss one of the top gaming markets in the globe.

Players will have to subscribe to Apple Arcade for the price of USD 4.99 or around PHP 249 (straight conversion) in order for them to experience the thrilling basketball action.

Source: 2K
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