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Epson EV-100 Projector Series–The future of business visuals and displays?

Epson EV-100 LightScene projector series is a range of projection signage solutions that are being used by big brands such as IKEA in Krakow, Poland.
Epson LightScene EV-100 series

What makes Epson LightScene EV-100 great?

Epson EV-100 projector as product display at IKEA Krakow
Epson EV-100 projector as product display at IKEA Krakow

The Epson LightScene EV-100 series are laser projectors designed to give more creative freedom in terms of product displays and more. Compared to LCD screens, these projectors gave IKEA the flexibility to move its digital displays anywhere and project high-quality images while fitting into the store's interior design.


`These LightScene EV-100 projectors are not limited to store displays as well. These can also be used for museums, art centers, restaurants, and more. It transforms walls, ceilings, or floors to design pieces while blending to the interiors.

The LightScene range was created to project digital visual content with freedom of expression and design. To address the market’s different demands and needs, this series features a wide range of products which includes the EB-800F/805F ultra-short-throw projector, the EB-L200SX/L200SW short-throw projector, the EV-110/115 spotlight-designed projectors, and the EB-U50/W50 normal-throw projectors.

Interactive content is also possible with the Epson EV-110/1145 models. It has input motion sensors that detect movement around the projected image to project programmed responses to improve immersion.

In an exhibition at the Beijing Art Center, toy company W. Kong collaborated with 112 artists to produce over 600 artworks that were projected on a signature dummy art which magnified and gamified the artistic experience for visitors. Art was also projected on the floor to create a captivating experience for audiences.

W. Kong succeeded in grabbing the attention of its audience by allowing contributors to create their own content, change their painting instantaneously using the 3D mapping feature and project it as an interactive slide show.

Pricing and availability for the Epson LightScene projector range are yet to be disclosed. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

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